Thursday, 24 of April of 2014

Tag » tricked into diaper


Decorator Penny’s boyfriend, Manny, has re-done their room and decided on a new dynamic in their relationship. He breaks it to her the hard way.

A Carousel Ride Elise’s boyfriend takes their Daddy-daughter play to a new level, dressing her in gothic lolita attire and a Bambino diaper.

The Reformatory A chilling tale of humiliation, enemas, and discipline. Adult schoolgirls loose their right to be grown ups and must wear cloth diapers and plastic pants in a 1950s style institution.

Adult Baby Therapy A rebellious young woman is sent to a therapist. Can radical treatments from regression to breastfeeding make her more obedient?

A Wet Spanking Penny’s Daddy spanks her for wetting her panties.

Buying Diapers A boyfriend-girlfriend couple go shopping for her first pair of diapers. An accidental meeting with her best friend doesn’t deter him from a public, parking lot diapering, though!

Carefully Penny’s boyfriend, Manny, catches her doing something unusual in the bathroom. She is horribly embarrassed, but that just turns him on.

Something Borrowed, Something Wet A groom catches his submissive bride and her dominant bridesmaid engaging in diaper play. Instead of getting mad, he gets into it!

Babysitter Blackmail A bitchy schoolgirl and her posse punish a girl for stealing babysitting jobs. Her punishment? Humiliating pictures in a diaper and adult baby outfit!

Bed and Breakfast A husband and wife take a diapered drive through the countryside.

A Baby Husband A wife punishes her cheating husband by forcibly regressing him, diapering him, and cutting up his credit cards.