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Spanking Essays

When going through some things, I found these old essays from a spanking session I did in 2013 or so. It was a live session with a long-term playmate who has a penchant for in-depth, creative scenes. He’s an amazing spanker! We’ve done so many sessions that I can only guess what the scene was this time, but it’s still fun to look back. I’m glad he left me with some reminder. The red, bold text is his; the black is mine.

Good presentation and very cooperative.

Can’t believe you made me spank you through two layers of clothing! -1

9 (Very generous score.)

Get dressed.

Write three to six sentences on how this spanking felt!

Part of the punishment with most OTK spanking is having to hold myself up. As my bottom becomes more and more tender, my arms and legs start to feel weak and I start to sink down.

It was very kind of you to give me such a steady, rhythmic warm-up. It was a bit easier to take the harder spanks at the end, though I still yelled and twitched a bit.

My bottom only feels a little warm. I should have asked to pull down my shorts at least. I think I’ll regret the softening effect of the extra layers on my warm-up during my next spanking.

10 (Total 19)

Write how important it is to be home at curfew.

I know that you set a curfew for me because you want me to be safe, rested, and behave in an age-appropriate manner. It is more important to impress my parents with my ability to follow rules that are only in place for my own good than it is to impress peers whose parents are too lenient.

If I am not home by curfew, I will miss out on other opportunities by proving to my parents that I am not responsible enough to handle more relaxed rules when I’m more mature. I’m only hurting myself and making my parents worry about me. A good girl would not do that.

Bare bottom with wood, excellent choice.

10 (Total 29)

Write what you will do the rest of the weekend.

Touching your spanked bottom while I write -1

29 – 1 = 28

I have a project due next Friday. I wasn’t going to start it until Wednesday or so, but I think that now I’ll do that. I’m too embarrassed to go out in a short skirt or to explain to anyone that I still get spanked.

If I get bored, I’ll probably watch TV or read a magazine, but I’ll ask you first. I know that I’m most likely not allowed to go out for the rest of the weekend, so I won’t ask.

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Mommy and Daddy on

I had my second shoot as a house slave for last night and it may have gone a little…age play.

I got there early because I’d been at Maker Faire all day and was pretty sure that I was gonna need a shower first. I smelled like sunscreen and sweat. Not sexy. I was also kind of nervous because it was my third day in a row shooting and Izamar Gutierrez and Stephanos had just destroyed my ass and pussy, respectively. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Of course I could just, you know, not have sex, but who likes that?

I knew that I would be working with Simone Sonay, whom I had briefly met several times at And when I say briefly, I mean briefly. Like: “Hi! I like your shoes!” “Oh, thanks!” “Bye!” “Later!” Still, she was gorgeous and very friendly, and everyone said wonderful things about her. She had a strong “big sister” vibe that I find incredibly appealing and I was excited and nervous to work with her.

I got to the Armory and showered and did my make up when I saw the male talent that I was going to be working with. It was Bill Bailey and I hadn’t found any pictures of him online and was worried that I was going to be disappointed. I was not. He had the rock hard body that I’m not super into, but he did look very strong and had a scar down his stomach. (Chicks DO dig scars!) He also had a blond Mohawk. I have been pestering Manny to get a Mohawk for AGES and he always says no. On top of all that, he had a gorgeous Southern accent. As Simone said, “Does my pussy detect an accent?”*

So, I was all ready, but Bill and Simone still needed to prepare. Simone was doing her makeup while Bill was trying on his wardrobe. I was sitting on the floor, cross-legged, when I got my first hint of it: This is like watching Mommy and Daddy get ready to go out. They were sort of talking to me, but mostly over my head. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to be weird.

I went into the event first. I was supposed to chat with the members, but there were technical difficulties where we couldn’t log in to see what the members were saying, so I had to sort of do The Penny Show, which obviously I LOVE doing. I gave myself a warm up with the cane, poured lube all over myself, put clothes pins on myself, invited an attendee to cane me and pull the clothes pins off of me, and just sort of ran all over the place being naughty.

By the time Simone and Bill came in and started fucking, I was on a table being spanked by, well, everyone. (I regret nothing!) I was beginning to be worried that Bill just wasn’t into me. He hadn’t tried to pull me aside, hadn’t tried to chat with me, hadn’t asked to touch me. When I was in the green room talking with Alani Pi earlier, he just sort of wandered off. Usually I feel like a little princess when I work with men, but Bill was like the cool jock who wouldn’t give me the time of day. I had tried flirting with him a little and done that thing where I let my robe fall open to let him see my breasts (Everyone loves my breasts!), but nothing was working. That said, I did catch him glancing at me a few times when he thought I wasn’t looking. I suspect he may have just been toying with me.

I got spanked pretty hard before James Mogul decided to gag and bind me in a crawling position with mitts–the only was I was unlikely to misbehave, though I’m confident that I could still have found a way. Then I was told that I could crawl over to Bill and Simone–while Mr. Mogul whipped me with a singletail–and service Simone while she serviced Bill. Of course, I still had the ball gag in.

I admit that this part was more frustrating than fun. I couldn’t really lick her. Bill asked what she tasted like. I helplessly motioned to the gag. He laughed and went back to what he was doing. I pawed at it with my mitts and looked up at him imploringly, but he just stuck my face back in her ass. Finally, after I don’t know how many agonizing minutes of being able to see and smell her, but not really touch or taste her at all, Mr. Mogul removed all my bondage and allowed me to service Simone properly.

From there it just devolved into a fuck fest. (Is “fuck fest” one word? Fuckfest. Fuck-fest. Hmm.) Bill was an amazing lover. When we had anal, he worked me up nice and slow, fingering me, but keeping me tight at the same time, teasing me and talking to me. Simone was AMAZING. She talked me through deep throating and taking Bill’s huge cock in my ass. She was attentive and kinky. It was really, REALLY good. I haven’t had sex like that in ages. I was overwhelmed.

I was so overwhelmed that I asked Simone something kind of dirty. She was just so authoritative and guiding, I couldn’t help it.

I asked if I could call her, “Mommy.”

She laughed as if it were nothing and enthusiastically agreed. My head started swimming as I moaned, “Thank you, Mommy!” And, while I didn’t ask to call Bill “Daddy,” Simone was referring to her partner that way and hearing her say it was driving me crazy. At this point, I was in a pile driver position with Bill’s huge cock in my ass and a vibrator on my clit, looking up at Simone’s perfect, MILFy body. I. Came. So. Hard.

I came a lot last night, actually. It was some of the best sex I’ve had outside of my relationship and possibly the best threeway I’ve had ever. It was thrilling, intimate, raunchy, pleasurable–everything that I like. And I can’t wait for more!

*I do not like all accents. I’m picky. For example, I do NOT like English accents. I go back and forth on Irish and Australian ones. I do NOT like Italian or French accents. I think part of the reason I don’t like English, Italian, or French accents is that guys think that talking differently will get them laid. Whenever I get an application from a client who tells me that he’s English or French, I kind of roll my eyes. That said, if an English or French guy shows up and has NOT told me of his nationality, he gets automatic points for not being pretentious. The only accents that I REALLY like are German, Russian, Southern, and Californian. I know it’s odd to fetishize my own accent, but, well, I like it.

The Fetish Shuffle

On Friday I got back from Disneyland and Saturday I had a session with a new guy. It was a mix of AB/DL, medical fetish, impact play, and leather fetish. Before you say anything, it actually worked out really well.

My favorite part was definitely the forced exercise-impact play combo. I had him doing push ups (God, do I love watching men do push ups!) until he couldn’t anymore, then plank while I caned the back of his legs. That was his warm up. Once he let himself down, it was over. He actually held it for a good, long while, despite not really being in the best shape. Then he started to shake and one leg came down, then he collapsed to the floor.

After that, he got thirty good strokes of the cane on each leg, which was also fun. When I’m doing sessions I like to slowly disrobe. Most pro dommes don’t, so it’s cute to see their reactions. When he was having trouble with the first set of thirty, I told him that, if he took it, I would take off my dress–and he did, so I did. I was wearing a corselette and stockings and thought that my labia looked quite fetching peeking out, so I went and stood next to his head while I caned his other thigh.

I love the way guys try not to look in this scenario. A few will just blatantly stare, but most of them are shy about it. I mean, I’m not an escort and they know that, so when my vulva is right next to their face, they get a little flustered. His ears blushed bright red and he tried to keep staring straight ahead and focus on the pain. Finally I asked him, “K, why do you think I shaved my vulva today?” His adorable answer was a nervous, “I’m sure that’s none of my business.” I informed him that I hadn’t done it for my health (‘Cause I was a nurse! Get it?) and that I wanted him to look at my sex while I caned him. That was pretty hot, too.

There were also diapers and OTK and a little worship and leather fetishism, but those were my favorite parts. Besides him doing push ups while I sat on his back. That was fun, too, but in a different way. (I’m going to see if I can get Manny to do that now, actually. Poor guy. He thinks we’re gonna go out for Mother’s Day brunch and I’m going to come out and jump on his back.)

After, I was chatting with a coworker who had a session after me about all the mixing of fetishes that we do. It doesn’t always work out well. I remember how, years ago, I came into the dungeon to find one of my latex-clad coworkers in a tizzy. When I asked her what’s wrong, she started waving a pair of tights in my face. “My client wanted me to wear freaking tights with a latex catsuit! How the hell am I supposed to do that?” She was right, of course. It would have been awkward to say the least, not to mention that it takes a long freaking time to get into a latex catsuit, especially if you don’t want to rip it, and since it probably cost near a grand, I’m sure you don’t.

Other times, the mixes work really well, even when you’re not sure that they’re going to. When my client checked off “leather fetish” along with all the domestic and medical stuff that we were doing, I assumed it had been a mistake, but as the session progressed, it felt more natural. And, after all, the whole point of this is to have fun in an unconventional way.

*contented sigh* Between that, Disneyland, my upcoming birthday, and today being Mother’s Day, this had been a pretty good month for me!

More Spanking? Yes, Please!

I’m a big spanking fan. I LOVE spanking. From my experience, a lot of women do, both giving and receiving. I’ve achieved orgasm many a time over someone’s knee. I’m especially into OTK spanking with implements such as wooden spoons, hairbrushes, and hand-held wood and leather spankers. I also really like belts, but only if used by a male or butch woman. I also like canings delivered standing or while bend over. I’ve also enjoyed OTK caning with a small “nursery” cane.

That said, I’ve always been told that other AB/DLs don’t like firm spanking or spanking without diapers. So I only put a bit of it in my movies and would only spank a girl until she got pink, but not red. (As I write this I’m covered with light cane and spanking marks from an off-camera spanking.) I didn’t see the point of messing up a model if viewers weren’t going to appreciate the time she would have to take off to heal up or the income she might lose.

However, it looks like I’m not the only person into spanking ’round here! I should have heeded my own advice better and just done what I like, which also makes me think I should put more anal temperature-taking, mouth soaping, and enemas into my videos.

I’m really thrilled to hear that this is the case, but I’m also really amused by some of the comments the blog has been getting about what constitutes a “realistic” spanking. I think that guys are just thinking about what gets them off and claiming it’s more realistic, which is fine, but not at all true. The three that I found really odd were:

  1. OTK spankings are more realistic: I was never spanked this way as a kid. It was always with me standing or bend over my parents’ bed. (I’m sure that didn’t warp me. *rolls eyes*) And, no, I didn’t move a muscle.
  2. Pulling down undergarments is more realistic: I was made to undress a couple of times, but only if my parents were really upset. I’m 100% against spanking kids (partly because it would feel weird for me from a sexual standpoint–spanking is very erotic for me and even if I thought it was effective, I just couldn’t do it to a kid), but even if I wasn’t, I would never require that they disrobe. I was actually reading The Discipline Book the other day (my toddler is a handful) and it was discussing how having children disrobe is sexually humiliating and parents shouldn’t do it. Of course, that’s exactly why I like to do it in my domestic discipline porn, but it’s anything but realistic!
  3. Long, slow strokes are realistic: Maybe there are parents that spank like this, but I’ve never met one. Long, slow strokes that really drive the thing home seem to be more something of porn. It’s a more sensual spanking style that allows the person to recover fully from the blow and process it, which is not the point of a genuine punishment spanking. The parents I knew who spanked not only didn’t enjoy spanking their kids and thus didn’t want to draw it out, but the point was pain and deterrence, not sensuality.

Overall I don’t think it really matters if someone wants verisimilitude in their domestic discipline, but why term it genuine? What you get off on doesn’t have to be justified! It kind of reminds me of the whole “fake tits vs. real tits” discussion that guys always have at one point or another. “Real tits do this, fake tits do this, blah blah blah,” when the reality is that there are a lot of different types of tits out there and, IMHO, it doesn’t matter if the tits in question are real or fake so long as you like them!

So, long rant short, you can expect to see more, harder, better spanking here on Pampered Penny. Just let me know what kind of spanking you think is hot–without the justifications!


A Wet Spanking

Penny stood in the center of her room wearing her full school uniform, shifting uncomfortably. Her panties were absolutely soaked. She had tried to sneak back to her room alone to change them before anyone noticed, but her Daddy was vigilant when it came to the state of her panties, and had noticed quite easily. Now he was standing with his back to her, laying different implements out on the bed: a hair brush, a short leather strap, and a drilled, wooden paddle. He placed them in a neat row to one side, then sat down to the left of them and laid a thick, white towel across his lap.

“Come here.”

Penny shuffled over to the bed, her hands behind her and her shoulders drawn up. But she couldn’t stay outside of his reach forever and the moment she was close enough, her Daddy’s strong hand thrust out and took hold of her forearm. He drew her over his knee despite her whining, struggling protest and pulled up her skirt, blotched with moisture, to expose her squishy, wet panties.

Holding her down with one hand, his other explored the dampness of her panties, massaging the wet cotton into her crotch as he reviewed the exact levels of wetness between her legs. Penny felt her cheeks burn with shame. She was throughly wet with pee and her Daddy’s stern curiosity was causing a new, creamier wetness to seep from between her legs, warming the cold fabric. She gave a little moan and he stopped.

Without commenting, he took hold of the hairbrush and began to swat her bottom with fast, even strokes. Penny moaned again, this time in pain, and squirmed in her Daddy’s lap. All her bucking only managed to lift her towards the brush and her bottom reddened quickly. She knew it was no use struggling, but she couldn’t help it. The brush just stung so much!

As she moved on her Daddy’s lap, she noticed something rising from between his legs to jab her in the belly, something hot and rigid that seemed to swell under his pants. She tried to avoid it, but her Daddy seemed to enjoy pressing it against her, first into her soft stomach, then into the vee between her legs. As he spanked her harder, he also thrust the object harder against her. Penny found that if she clenched her legs just right it would rub her in a way that felt nice and made the spanking easier to take. By this point the towel had fallen away and the front of her Daddy’s pants were soaked, especially where he was pushing against her.

Then, with a final, strong swat, the hairbrush spanking and thrusting were over. But Penny’s Daddy didn’t stand her up and tell her to go change her panties. Instead he began caressing them again, seeming to enjoy their dampness and even the smell of wet that was rubbed all over his hand and into his lap. He stroked her for a while before he spoke.

“I think you need to wear a diaper, little girl.”

To be continued…