Wednesday, 17 of September of 2014

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Daddy Rising

Things have been progressing well with my new Daddy. He has decided to use the stage name Manny, so that’s how I’ll refer to him from now on–not that he’s going to be appearing on here. He did do a video with me, but I kept his face out of it. He was all for being open, but he’s in school to get his teaching credential and I don’t want some parent finding out that not only is he in porn, but in porn where his girlfriend in her late twenties pretends to be underage and calls him “Daddy.” Call me over-cautious, but I don’t think that would go down well!

I just wanted to give an update about how we’ve been fitting together. As I said, he just did a video with me. I thought about using it as a cover to get him to do a lot of crazy things that I want to do and then just saying it was for the site, that I wasn’t enjoying it at all, but my ethics got in the way. Again. Like they always do. So, instead we did a shoot based on the progress of our relationship.

Manny is not into diapers. At all. I think he may be willing to indulge me, but I’m not sure enough to ask. And, you know, who wants to simply be tolerated? If he’s not enthusiastic, I’d rather not incorporate them at all, difficult as that may be. I’ve shown him some of my favorite diaper porn and he’s been okay with it, but he always asks, “What about that diaper? Do you really think that’s hot?” And I always start stuttering about other elements of the picture, video, or story that I enjoy: the genital shaving, the spanking, the humiliation. I’m a coward, I know.

But Manny is into a lot of other parts of age play, juvenilization, and fetishism. He really likes that idea of stripping a powerful woman of her adult faculties, reducing her to something dependent on him. He also likes the dynamic of caring for me and the romance of the Daddy/girl dynamic seems to come naturally to him. “When you are in my arms you can cry, you can be overjoyed, and I will fuck all your cares away.” Swoon. Big time.

He also prefers that I call him “Daddy.” We had a conversation about it on FaceBook a while ago. I asked how he wanted to be addressed, as Sir or Daddy. He said Daddy–because he knew it was what I would prefer. When I heard that he only wanted that name because he was catering to me, I was crushed. I was worried that all that filial devotion I felt toward him was misplaced and that I had been making a fool of myself. I told him that, thanks, but that name meant a lot to me and I’d rather just call him “Sir” if it was all the same to him. That was when he became a bit more firm.

“I believe I just told you to call me ‘Daddy.'”

I again said that I’d rather not, that Sir was fine. I liked Sir. It would be fun. And, yes, I even sort of meant that. It wouldn’t be as cosmically perfect and intimate, but it would still be fun. And I could keep my veil on, as it were. I wouldn’t have to worry about revealing something potentially embarrassing, something that could cause him to leave me in disgust. I could keep playing the sexy nymph who was a freak in the sheets, but reasonably so.

His response was cautious. I could almost hear him hesitating as he typed, revealing his own dirty little secret. “I think I want to be your Daddy.” He said he liked the idea of being the center of my little world, the way I got so excited when I did “little girl things,” the way I would lie in his arms and suck my thumb when we watched a movie. It sounded pretty genuine, not like pandering. I agreed to start addressing him as Daddy in private, whether we were having sex or not.

So, for our shoot, I tried to think of a way to incorporate diapers, but not expose him to anything that would weird or gross him out. We started with my in a frilly, satin baby doll, my hair in pigtails. I was kneeling at his feet, looking up at him adoringly. He asked if I was ready for bed and I said that I almost was, that I needed a diaper. He picked the diaper up from where it was laying on the bed. He started hitting me in the face with it–which was ad libbed and totally freaking hot–and pulled down the front of my nightgown, asking me if such full breasts belonged to a baby or a big girl.

He kept asking if I had to pee and oh god did I. I’d been holding it in anticipation of the shoot. I probably could have peed earlier, but, you know, better safe than sorry. He kept telling me to say that I would be a big girl for Daddy and use the potty. I resisted. I really enjoy resistance play. I want to give in eventually, but I really want to have no choice in the matter. On a break I asked if he wanted me to actually give in and say it or if he wanted to just drag me into the bathroom.

“I’ll do whatever you want. This is for your site.”

“Yeah, but do yo want me to say it?”

He was sitting hunched over on an ottoman, his fingers loosely interlaced. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “I want you to say it.”

I melted a little bit and agreed.

From there he dragged me into the bathroom. He sat me on the toilet and firmly instructed me to pee, which I did. I really had to go, so I was a little river. He told me to wipe myself, to make sure that I was really clean. Then he began stroking my vulva. “It still feels wet here. He started plunging his fingers into me. I do like diapers and all (ya think?), but I really enjoy potty training scenes, too. I actually really like giving head while I’m perched on a toilet.

Anyway, he pushed his fingers into me really hard and fast and I got W-E-T. After I came, he pushed his fingers into my mouth and made me lick them clean. There was so much cum on them that I couldn’t swallow it all, so when we paused, I had to go spit it out into the sink.

After that, we went back to the bedroom and he put me to bed. At first he took my bunny, Tulip, away from me, but right before he left he gave it back. Thank goodness for small favors, eh? Then I “fell asleep” while sucking my thumb.

At this point we were done, but since he hadn’t cum at all and I’d only cum once, we were both really randy, so we ended up having sex on the floor. I thought about filming it, but sometimes it’s nice to just have sex and not worry about angles, lighting, etc. And, yes, you do end up worrying about those things if a camera is running–at least I do. I can’t just ignore it and make a sub-par video. Ick. He didn’t cum in me, though. He wasn’t wearing a condom and I’m not on birth control. … I should really get my IUD replaced. We’ve been having sex for nine months and he’s never ejaculated in me. :-/

It was a really fun shoot and I’m glad that Manny did it with me, but I don’t know if I’ll be shooting him again. It’s hard to run the camera as a submissive. (Me and my two bit operation.) I do really want to do a M/F spanking scene, though. Hmm.