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Kimmie Series 2: A New Life


Penny drops a bomb on you before she puts to down for the night: she’s a lesbian! What could this mean for you? She’s decided to treat you like an adult baby all the time: feeding you bottles, keeping you diapered, and changing you! Penny changes your diaper, explaining each thing that she does. The morning brings new surprises as Penny informs you that she and her lover will be adopting you and keeping you as their new adult baby girl! Penny is so excited to take you shopping and get your nursery set up. She takes you shopping, to the park, and then back home. There’s so much to buy–and so much to teach you, like how big girls touch themselves.

$10.00 / 12:22

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Diaper Lover Confession


I have a confession to make: I have a fetish for diapers and erotic embarrassment. I want you to be my Daddy and MAKE me wear diapers. Please? I have everything that you’ll need right here–even baby oil. Pretty please lube me up and fuck my ass while I’m on my crinkly diaper? Listen to me cum as you fulfill my fantasy.

$7.00 / 10:05

POTW: Diaper and Tail

Kitty girl Penny shows off her cute little tail.


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Live Session

If you’re interested in playing with me in person–you can! I am a professional Mommy and adult baby girl, but I am not an escort–sorry! All the basic information that you need to know before booking me is listed below. Beyond that, I just need to know how you would like to spend our time together, so that we can make arrangements.



My rates are $300 per hour for incall and $350 per hour for outcall to upscale hotels only.

My incall locations are in San Francisco and Oakland.

My minimum booking time is one hour for local sessions.

I am available for sessions from noon to 10:00 pm daily.

I am not available for same-day bookings.

I only travel for a minimum booking of four hours, all expenses paid in advance.

I offer overnight sessions to established clients only.

I do not engage in brown showers, Roman showers, or sex. Seek those services elsewhere.


Location Pictures

Apply for a Session

I charge a $25 application fee, which also serves as a deposit. The non-refundable application fee goes toward our session, but only insures a response from me. The application fee assures me that you are serious about seeing me and will respect my boundaries.

Once you purchase the application via the NiteFlirt button below, you will be directed to a form questionnaire that will make sure I get all the information that I need from you. Then I will email you back so that we can pick a time and place for our encounter.



POTW: Diaper Girl and Daddy

Penny’s Daddy puts her in a thick, cloth diaper and see-through plastic pants on a park changing table.


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POTW: Bottle Baby Girl

Penny is force fed from a pink baby bottle.


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POTW: Adult Baby Girl in Bondage

Penny is bound and gagged with a pacifier gag in a crib. She’s wearing an adult baby outfit and a thick diaper.


POTW: Cute Plastic Pants

Penny’s Daddy puts her in a cloth diaper and cute plastic pants.


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Stealthing AB/DL

It has been a long time since I got any AB indulgence. Maybe a year? There was Dark Odyssey: Surrender and an age play party, but I was hosting and I’ve learned that age play without diapers and a Mommy or Daddy is just…not fulfilling. Like, at all.

I also don’t like doing it on my own. I don’t know why. I’ve never had any problems with masturbating solo or even tying myself up or indulging in other SM play, but diapering myself has always seemed sad and lonely. I actually had a friend who would refuse to remove her boyfriend’s diaper after play and I always thought that was just heartbreaking. Now I would kill for someone to diaper me, even if it meant that I had to undo it myself.

I remember when I used to long to be dominant, when I was tired of always being cast as a schoolgirl. My personality definitely has two sides and I wish that I could have them both fulfilled. It seems not.

However, I had a momentary thrill the other day. I believe it’s pretty well known that I like to watch men masturbate. I suppose being raised Catholic convinced my brain that it’s a subversive, kinky thing to do.

Anyway, I woke up with my boyfriend yesterday and he was hard, as usual. We were kind of spooning. I had my back pressed against him and he was lying face-up with his arm around me. He turned toward me and started painting my ass with precum. I started to grind back and he started jerking off, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. I kept expecting him to try to penetrate me, but I didn’t want him to. I was enjoying the shaking sensation and his breath on my shoulder. I turned my head and started to kiss him and reached back, awkward though it was, and ran my fingers though his hair. He broke off the kiss and began biting my neck and shoulder. He was still masturbating, but also digging the tip of his cock between my ass cheeks, swirling his glans around my anus. It was driving me wild.

But Manny is pretty good at reading me. He didn’t fuck me. Instead, he knelt up, pushed me face down into the mattress and came all over my ass and a little on my back. It was so warm and thick. And I enjoyed being frustrated while he felt good. (Partly because Manny is good to go every ten minutes or so, including clean up time, and I knew I wouldn’t have to wait for long. Not only that, but he’s the kind of lover who will enthusiastically go down on you if he gets off first.)

So, I was lying there with cum all over my butt and back. Manny told me to stay still–and I certainly didn’t have any intention of moving if I could help it–and went and got some baby wipes.

“Okay, princess.”

He started wiping the cum off of me, gently, but methodically. It felt a lot like a diaper change. I was completely silent though the whole thing, trying not to spoil it by being afraid that it would end at any second.

And, finally it did. He straightened up and turned to throw the wipe away, but I flipped onto my back and spread my pussy. “I think it’s here, too.”

I was worried that he would just hand me another wipe, but he smiled and ran the used one over my labia, more rubbing his ejaculate into my sex than wiping any off. It felt soooo gooood.

I’m sad to think that this may not happen again for months, but I made a big deal about it, so I’m pretty sure that he will do it again. It sort of reminded me of how my ex-husband would get his Daddy fix by putting my panties on me before I knew about his interest in AB/DL or how he would get off on rubbing his girlfriend-before-me’s maxi pad through her clothes since there was no way in hell she was going to wear a diaper.

Anyway, I’m very curious to hear if anyone else has any ways of stealthing age play or diaper fetishism with their partners. It isn’t totally scrupulous, but, damnit, I need this!