Thursday, 24 of April of 2014

Adult Baby Hypnosis: Mommy Love


I hypnotize you to feel for me as you would for your Mommy–with a twist! This file comes with an assignment at the end, so be ready to complete it, like a good boy.

$13.00 / 10:05

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POTW: Diaper Girl and Daddy

Penny’s Daddy puts her in a thick, cloth diaper and see-through plastic pants on a park changing table.


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POTW: Bottle Baby Girl

Penny is force fed from a pink baby bottle.


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POTW: Adult Baby Girl in Bondage

Penny is bound and gagged with a pacifier gag in a crib. She’s wearing an adult baby outfit and a thick diaper.


POTW: Candid Diaper Under Shorts

Penny sneaks you a peek of the disposable diaper she’s wearing under her shorts as she goes out for the evening to meet some friends.


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POTW: Cheerleader in Diaper

Penny wears a cute, pink cheerleader uniform and a thick, disposable diaper.



POTW: Cute Plastic Pants

Penny’s Daddy puts her in a cloth diaper and cute plastic pants.


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Vlog: the Saga of Sam Solo


POTW: Panty Gag and Diaper

Penny wears a diaper and a panty gag while tied down to a massage table.


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Buying Diapers

So, usually I just buy Bambino diapers. They’re quality, they’re cute, and I know just what size I need. However, I’ve been thinking about trying ABU again.

You may remember that ages ago I stopped using them because they did a link exchange with, well, a kiddie porn site. This was back in the day when link exchanges were a thing and people were actually kinda picky about the sites that they were willing to link to. They took the link down when people got upset.

And they’ve never had any other problems. So, I’m beginning to think that it really was just a horrible mistake from a new company that didn’t know to check their link exchanges yet and, wanting publicity, would just link to anyone.

I made a mistake like that when I was first getting started out. I was 18 or 19 and, man, this was back when I was on LiveJournal, I was looking for interests (tags) to describe myself and since I was a teenager, I put “TB, Teen Baby”–you know, all that jazz. Then, of course, I found out what it meant and I took it down as quickly as possible.

So, I’m considering ordering from ABU again. I also had a problem with them shredding when I used a Hitachi over them, but I’ve been told that they are much stronger, thicker plastic now and that they don’t break anymore.