Thursday, 18 of September of 2014

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POTW: Nappy Nurse Closeup

Nurse Penny shows you her disposable, Molicare diaper and a few things that she intends to use on YOU.


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POTW: Thumbsucky Girl

Wearing a plastic, baby-print dress, Penny sucks her thumb.


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Daily Diaper Pics

I recently heard about a friend of a friend who is receiving $700 to wear diapers for a month and text pics as proof to the guy paying her. … So, yeah. I’m a little jealous. However, since wealthy diaper fetishists don’t seem to fall from my sky, I thought I would make it a little easier.

I’m offering to send out daily pics of myself in a diaper to your phone for $30 a month, via NiteFlirt. So, $1 a day. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can get your ABDL fix. :p

Pics will be mostly of me in diapers, but others may feature me with pacifiers, sucking my thumb, peeing, having sex, or with ABDL friends. You’ll also be getting BTS shots and bonus pics whenever I feel like it.

Sext you later!



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POTW: Beary Adorable

Penny is wearing a cute, bear onesie as she plays with her stuffed animals and enjoys a bottle.


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POTW: Helloooo, Nappy Nurse!

Nurse Penny shows what she’s wearing under her nurse uniform, a Molicare diaper!


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POTW: Ooh! Baby Powder!

Penny found some baby powder. Just what she needs to play baby!


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POTW: Yellow Plastic Pants

Penny caressed her soft, pearlized plastic pants.


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POTW: Is It Here?

Penny searches for a lost toy under her bed, exposing her crinkly, disposable diaper.



POTW: Gimme a D!

Penny is playing around in her pink cheerleader uniform and disposable diaper.


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POTW: Wet Bed, Wetter Panties

Penny has had an accident, soaking her bed and her little, white, cotton panties.


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