Tuesday, 29 of July of 2014

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POTW: Gimme a D!

Penny is playing around in her pink cheerleader uniform and disposable diaper.


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POTW: Wet Bed, Wetter Panties

Penny has had an accident, soaking her bed and her little, white, cotton panties.


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POTW: Diaper Playroom

Penny is changing her own cloth diaper in her playroom. Hopefully she doesn’t make a mess!


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POTW: AB Girl in Bondage

Sucking her thumb and dressed like a baby girl, Penny is bound and perched on her rocking horse.


POTW: Milky Kitten

Penny is dressed like a little kitty in a diaper, trying to drink the milk that her Daddy gave her.


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POTW: Thumbsucker

Penny is cuddled up to her stuffed animals, sucking her thumb as she looks into your eyes.


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POTW: Satin Mommy

Dressed in a pink, satin blouse, Penny pulls some baby oil from the diaper cupboard. This is the only thing you’re allowed to use when you cum now, little boy!


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POTW: Cloth Diaper Seduction

Penny poses on her bed, showing off her exposed and inviting cloth diaper.


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POTW: Schoolroom Discipline

Ms. Thorngate is tired of Penny having accidents in class. Clearly the girl needs some special form of discipline.


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POTW: Sexy ABDL Girl

Penny is stripping out of her nursery wear and asking to be fucked on her cloth diaper. Her pigtails don’t seem so innocent now!