Friday, 18 of April of 2014

The Upper Floor: the Penny Show

Last Sunday, I had a show on TUF that went, I feel, really well for me.

Of course, part of the reason that it went so well for me was that the other actress wasn’t very enthusiastic or experienced with BDSM, though she had already shot for Kink twice. She was nice, just maybe having an off day or worried about what was going to happen to her.

Anyway, she had a lot of limits, which is fine, but it does put a lot of pressure on me to carry the shoot. On top of that, Peter Acworth, the CEO of Kink, was going to be in attendance. Good thing I work well under pressure!

Mr. Acworth’s* presence added another layer of difficulty, too. Of course we would have to make sure that it was a good performance, but I would also have to behave myself. James Mogul first told me that Mr. Acworth was going to be there as I was doing my makeup. I paused and turned to him and asked, “Do you want me to be good?” He looked at the floor for a minute before telling me that, yes, I should try to behave. I could be a little bratty at the beginning, but I had to behave. No backtalk. No mocking tones. No deliberate disrespect. I could joke around a tiny bit, but that was it.

This was difficult for me, but not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. What ended up happening is that, a lot of the time when they would ask me a question, I would just be quiet. Once Stephanos kept asking me a question over and over while I just sort of gave him this worried, “I have a secret!” look before he realized, “It’s a smart answer, isn’t it?”

The only time my mouth did get the best of me was when Stephanos asked me if I thought that he flogged bad. “Badly.” It just popped out of my mouth! I didn’t mean to say it! I felt myself freeze and my eyes widen. He was gonna give it to me now–and he did. And I, well, I deserved it.

As for the sex…it was amazing. The guy, Barry, I think his name was, was amazing. He was smaller, but so strong. He was just…muscle. So strong. And his cock was thick and kinda curved, but in the most amazing way. What’s more, he had this lip ring and, while I’ve made out with people with lip piercings before, I’ve never kissed someone with a pointed one. Instead of being continuous, it ended in two little spikes. Kissing him with that piercing was very enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed having Stephanos caning my tongue. That was just…amazing. And of course James Mogul’s bondage was enjoyable. I also liked having him crop my hand.

Really, there’s just too much that I enjoyed. It was a really full day. I got to demonstrate my new stripper trick, put flowers in my vagina and be a human vase…it was a great shoot. Of course, shoots never turn out as good (or as bad) as you think they are going to, but I had a wonderful shoot and hope to experience something like it again ASAP.

* He’s told me to call him “Peter”, but I just can’t. He’s Peter freaking Acworth!

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Kimmie Series 2: A New Life


Penny drops a bomb on you before she puts to down for the night: she’s a lesbian! What could this mean for you? She’s decided to treat you like an adult baby all the time: feeding you bottles, keeping you diapered, and changing you! Penny changes your diaper, explaining each thing that she does. The morning brings new surprises as Penny informs you that she and her lover will be adopting you and keeping you as their new adult baby girl! Penny is so excited to take you shopping and get your nursery set up. She takes you shopping, to the park, and then back home. There’s so much to buy–and so much to teach you, like how big girls touch themselves.

$10.00 / 12:22

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Kimmie Series 1: Caught Shopping


You’re shopping for a diaper bag when a woman approaches you and offers to help. Once she gets you talking she reveals that she’s actually noticed your diaper bulge and a bit of a leak. She takes you into the bathroom where another mom helps change you. They chat about changing your diaper and how you’re going to become an adult baby girl! Finally the lady, Miss Penny, takes you home and tells you all about her plans for you as she touches herself and climaxes while you wear your diaper.

$10.00 / 8:46

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Diaper Lover Confession


I have a confession to make: I have a fetish for diapers and erotic embarrassment. I want you to be my Daddy and MAKE me wear diapers. Please? I have everything that you’ll need right here–even baby oil. Pretty please lube me up and fuck my ass while I’m on my crinkly diaper? Listen to me cum as you fulfill my fantasy.

$7.00 / 10:05

POTW: Diaper and Tail

Kitty girl Penny shows off her cute little tail.


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Changing Room


After waking you up in a wet diaper, Mommy Penny gets you ready to go to the mall. You’re nervous about going out in public as an adult baby, but Mommy Penny reassures you before taking you out to shop for a dress. She gently teases you the whole time as she takes you into the dressing room to try on some sexy little dresses. When you have an accident, she changes you right there in the dressing room. When she gets some pee on a dress, she has to explain to the sales girl. How will they punish you?

$9.00 / 11:37

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AB/DL Orientation


RA Penny has selected you for a special form of sorority hazing that involves AB treatment that EVERYONE is going to get in on. After she feminizes you and puts you in a diaper, she drugs you and forces you to wet. Then she makes you go ask the hot girl in the room next to you for a change. Welcome to university!

$9.00 / 12:50

Girlie for Mommy


Mommy Penny wants you to be girlie and feminine. Luckily she’s experienced with hypnosis and knows how to convince your body to be what it wants to be. She wants your body to shrink and swell until you’re shaped more like she is, so that when you look down, you see what she wants you to see. Mommy should control everything.

$10.00 / 17:50

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Stockings, Pantyhose, High Heels, Mommy


Mommy Penny conditions you to love her stockings, pantyhose, and high heels. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the floor looking up at them, so really, she’s doing you a favor!

$10.00 / 15:06

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Adult Baby Hypnosis


Mommy Penny hypnotizes you to regress with her soft, sexy voice. You can’t resist. You shouldn’t resist. Just…let…go. This is a long, in-depth recording designed for complete newbies who have very little experience with regressive hypnosis.

$25.00 / 55:50

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