Wednesday, 3 of September of 2014

POTW: Beary Adorable

Penny is wearing a cute, bear onesie as she plays with her stuffed animals and enjoys a bottle.


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POTW: Helloooo, Nappy Nurse!

Nurse Penny shows what she’s wearing under her nurse uniform, a Molicare diaper!


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International Little Miss & Mister Little Pageant


2014 will be my third year in a row helping to run the Little Miss & Mister Little Pageant out of San Francisco’s Dark Odyssey: Surrender. Every year it’s stressful and a lot of work, but I really, really enjoy it!

This year, there are a few changes, however. First of all, this year we’re not just hosting the local pageant. We’re hosting the INTERNATIONAL pageant. That’s right: the Big Enchilada. In order to differentiate it a little bit, we also decided to set a theme: Sugar Plum Dreams. So, think nutcrackers, ballet shoes, winter holidays, and candy.

If you’re interested in competing, more information on that is available on the pageant blog. If you would rather watch, you can visit the convention site for cost, location, etc. And, if you want to volunteer, you will render me very grateful!

The event is extremely age play friendly and I will also be running a Littles Nursery. I hope to see you there!

Book Signing Ego Boost!

Well, the book signing went much better than I anticipated. I dare say it was a success!

Ryan, the owner of Wicked Grounds, had been asking me to do a signing for The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook for a while and I kept ignoring it, figuring he was just being weird or something, but he KEPT ASKING, so finally I told him that I didn’t really think I would be a draw, especially for a book that was published three years ago. People always seem to think that just be cause I have an internet presence, people will come out to see me. They usually will for a play party or if they are getting something of physical value, but I couldn’t imagine that my signature on a book they could just buy online would mean much to anyone.

I was wrong.

People not only showed up, but made quite a trip in order to be there. I was flattered, if confused. I actually sold out of the books that I brought with me. (Granted I didn’t bring that many, but still!) Friggin Spacey from the Big Little Podcast was there.

Beyond that, it was nice to have a little get together. We talked about the upcoming age play pageant (more details soon) and the community in general. Sam was there to help me, which was nice. I feel awkward yelling into large groups, so he was able to get everyone’s attention when necessary and make sure that everyone who wanted to talk to me got the chance. And, of course, he carried all my heavy stuff.

At any rate, it was a lot of fun and makes me want to go to a Littles Munch. Thank you to everyone who came out and kept me from being horribly embarrassed and lonesome. ;)

POTW: Ooh! Baby Powder!

Penny found some baby powder. Just what she needs to play baby!


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Book Signing at Wicked Grounds!

BlueMommy1Date/time: Friday, August 15/7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Location: Wicked Grounds/289 8th St., San Francisco

What: I’m going to be hanging out and signing my awesome book, the Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook. I’m sure you already have, like, six copies, but come by to say hello and get some of the free stuff I’ll be giving away. And, hey, maybe I’ll flash you if you buy me a hot chocolate!

We’ll also be having a meeting to talk about the International Little Miss/Mister Little Pageant. We’re considering changing the name and some other things. This is a great time to come ask questions if you’re curious or to give your input if you have strong feelings. Of course we can’t make everyone happy, but we do want the pageant to be inclusive and fun for everyone.

Official blurb:

Penny Barber and Davina Darling will be holding a pre-meeting to discuss the arrangements for this year’s International Littles Pageant and to address questions and concerns.

Penny Barber will also be signing her book, “The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook” and giving out free swag and prizes!

POTW: Yellow Plastic Pants

Penny caressed her soft, pearlized plastic pants.


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POTW: Is It Here?

Penny searches for a lost toy under her bed, exposing her crinkly, disposable diaper.



ATF Male Orgasms

The other day Manny had an AMAZING orgasm just after Sam had a really entertaining one, so I thought I would give a run down of my 4 all time favorite male orgasms.

4. F A long time ago, I had a client who was really into pantyhose. He worked in construction or something and didn’t make a lot, but he would save up to come see me every two months. I always thought that was adorable and sweet, but he also had a lot of guilt over his fetish. Eventually it made him miss a session with me, but he came back, anxious and desperate. So it had been four months since he had seen me, instead of the usual two. As I came down the stairs to greet him, wearing nothing but pantyhose he came right in his pants, hands-free. He was incredibly embarrassed and cleaned himself up and we did the session, before he came again while rubbing against my pantyhose-covered leg. Still, that first orgasm was pretty amazing. I had never seen someone cum without touching themselves before.

3. Sam Solo Little Sammy tends to cum quickly. He says that it’s only with me, which I think may be true only because with most of his other partners, he’s the top. (How Sam keeps finding people who will let him top them, I don’t know.) However, when I top, I’m controlling everything and I think it’s hilarious to watch him try not to cum even as I force him to. So, this weekend, we were shooting a pretty hot scene. I was playing his mom and I was sort of watching him jerk off from the doorway while I had a cocktail. Eventually, I decide to go over and see if I can get a better view. He’s embarrassed that I’ve caught him at first and he tries to cover up with a pillow, but I kneel between his legs and tell him that if he’s a good boy and keeps playing with himself, I’ll let him finish off my drink. He’s hesitant, but agrees. But he keeps stopping. I tell him that if he stops again, I’m going to spank him for not keeping his end of the deal. Sam is holding the camera and mouths that he’s about to cum. It’s only been a minute or two, but I tell him to keep playing with it anyway. He does, tentatively, for a few seconds, before taking his hand away again. I grab his cock to jerk him off myself, but the second I touch it, he explodes all over my hand and a few globs rocket up and splatter on my leg. Sam turns bright red and we finish up the scene, as I wipe as much cum as I can on the rim of the glass and tell him that he can have it now–if he wants.

2. Mickey Mod A while ago I was shooting for Twisted Factory in my first scene with Mickey Mod. It was a really fun shoot and the fact that Mickey was handsome and hung wasn’t hurting. Finally, toward the end, he had me bound and he was fucking me, I believe, vaginally. He grabbed the rope harness around my chest and demanded, “Look at me,” in a much louder, harsher voice than he usually uses. I did and his expression changed completely. He pulled out of me and came, shooting across the room. It kind of ruined the cum shot, but was pretty impressive. He shot something like ten feet!

1. Manny This Saturday, Manny and I were having really boisterous, yet romantic sex. You know, the kind where you’re kissing each other really hard, running your fingers through each other’s hair, and biting each other’s necks when it feels really good, then whispering, “I love you.” So, I had squirted a few times and it was really, really wet down there. He had been fucking me hard and fast for a long time, but after I came again, he slowed down and was going really slow, slipping in and out almost completely, pushing upwards a little at the end. The long, smooth strokes felt really good in my saturated pussy, but it was so slow that I didn’t think anything was going to happen. Then he gave this long, low moan and I felt myself getting even wetter. He didn’t speed up at all. Usually he tells me when he’s about to cum, so this surprise orgasm where I suddenly realized that he was filling me with cum was thrilling. Also, we usually cum together, so it was nice to be able to just watch him and focus completely on witnessing his pleasure.

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POTW: Gimme a D!

Penny is playing around in her pink cheerleader uniform and disposable diaper.


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